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Supply Chain Management in the Philippines using Zayls

How Zayls stands out in Supply Chain Management in the Philippines

Zayls delivers a tailored approach with local expertise, including proficiency in best practices, taxes and regulations, and excellent client support for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies operating in the Philippines.

Simplify End to End Supply Chain

Ensure seamless coordination between procurement, warehousing, order fulfillment, billing, collection, and returns management with Zayls. It offers We offer comprehensive modules that streamline your supply chain, enhancing supplier and customer relationships.

Achieve efficient supply chain management and competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Faster Fulfillment 2
Grocery Fresh Picks

Keep Stocks Fresh and Reduce Waste

Ensure your customers always receive fresh goods. Zayls helps FMCG companies monitor out-of-stock rates, slow-moving products, and expiry dates, resulting to reduced excess inventory costs and spoilage risks. With real-time tracking and expiration alerts, Zayls optimizes your perishable inventory, enhancing efficiency and maintaining high standards.

Easy Consignment Management

Managing multiple consignment locations poses many logistical, inventory, and accounting challenges. Zayls provides the tools to manage your daily sales, multi-branch fulfillment, expiring inventory, consolidated billings, and more. Automating your workflows to reduce delays and gain better control over your consignments has never been easier!

Easy Consignment Management with Zayls

Upgrade Your FMCG Supply Chain Strategy

Experience the future of FMCG supply chain management with Zayls. A modern, cloud-based platform that is tailored specifically for the Philippine market.

Its user-friendly interfaces, straightforward workflows, and real-time visibility of operations across multiple branches and warehouses greatly improve competitiveness and profitability.

What People Say About Zayls

We rely on Zayls daily for accounting, sales, and warehousing tasks on our desktops. It simplifies our work and if we run into any issues, their support is reliable.

Sheinna Mary Q.

Manufacturer of the famous Nachitos tortilla chips and Javito corn chips

Zayls is part of our daily workflow on desktops, especially for managing inventory. It’s a time-saver, and we always appreciate the quick response from their support team whenever we need assistance.

Kimberly T.

Distributor of top UK brands like Dorset Cereals and The Berry Company

Zayls has significantly streamlined our daily business operations on computers. It’s efficient!

Lynch C.

Importer and distributor of Cowhead & Del Monte products

Simplify distribution management operations now.

From the company that puts your business first.