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by Analyn Fodra
6 months ago
Knowledge Base Getting Started with Zayls

Getting Started with Zayls

Congrats! You are on the right path to streamline your business. We believe Zayls will help your business and our checklist below will help you kick-start everything.

Contact Us

Don’t be shy! Our doors and our phones are always open to talk about your business flows and the features of Zayls. We will even help you set up your company and give you credentials to try it out yourself.

Download a Browser

Zayls is a web-based System that is compatible with the major browsers used in the entire solar system. We’ve made an article to describe them and added links on where to download it.

Log in

Type the URL given to you by our representative and input your username and password. Don’t worry you can change your password after accessing the system.

Understanding the Dashboard

Our KPI on our dashboard aims to provide a high-level overview of the whole Sales and Purchasing Workflow. It may look daunting at first but once you knew the purpose and the metrics we are sure you are gonna love it.

Knowledge Base Manual

We’ve created an online manual for you and your team. Run through it to know how to create, update, delete, duplicate, void transactions. The articles are grouped together as seen on the sidebar and it will you show you the different behaviors of the system. To start, run through Setting Page as this is the foundation of the transactions.