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Find out which package is right for you.

Whether it’s simple, pre-packaged software or a customized system, Zayls can help you optimize your business operations. Our easy subscription packages fit easily into your cashflow – no large upfront costs, just easy billing.


For startups or small businesses looking to streamline operations and maximize cash flow

Php 3800

per month (paid annually)

2 Users
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Transactions
5GB File Uploads
Email Support


For growing businesses looking to expand into wholesale and distribution

Starts at

Php 9800

per month (paid annually)

Unlimited Products
Unlimited Transactions
15GB File Uploads
Allows Paid Customization
Phone and Email Support


For established businesses with specialized needs and dedicated support

Starts at

Php 16800

per month (paid annually)

15 Users
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Transactions
50GB File Uploads
Allows Paid Customization
Dedicated Support


Paid Customizations

Want some extra features and functions? Zayls is highly customizable to better suit your business needs. Here are some custom enhancements that our clients have requested.

Industry-Specific Customization

Different industries have different needs. We conduct business process reviews to understand the core requirements. We have implementations in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries like food, garments, construction, electronics, accessories, and others.

Warehouse Management

Allows you to manage your warehouse racking system via Zayls. Do put away and order picking of pallets and crates accurately and efficiently. Have a dedicated dashboard that displays your entire warehouse layout and see what items are stored per rack. 

Data Migration

Data migration from your current system can be done by mapping your existing database to Zayls. Our analysts perform migration assessment to come up with the migration plan. 

Businesses Process Improvement

We help you analyze and streamline your current process. The idea is continuous improvement so your business can run efficiently.

Custom Forms

We offer customized forms for sales, purchasing, and reports. Printouts can be tailored-fit to suit your existing form templates such as invoices or receipts. 

Is Zayls the right system for me?

We understand that you have questions.  Here are some of the common concerns we’ve encountered from interested companies. 

What kind of businesses are suited to use Zayls?

Zayls is a supply-chain management system for managing your purchasing, sales, order fulfillment, warehouse inventory, payments, and collection. Zayls is not restricted to any specific industry or business size. We highly encourage you to try us out and give us your feedback.

How easy is it to switch from my manual operation to Zayls?

Our user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and there prompts to guide you through the setup process. If you are running your operations in MS Excel or Google Sheets, we also offer bulk import of your Excel or CSV files into the system. Contact us today if you have further questions.

I am satisfied with my free trial, how do I sign up for a plan upgrade?

We are thrilled that you love our system. You can coordinate with your Zayls representative to facilitate your account upgrade.

If we already have an existing system but want to migrate to Zayls, how do we do that?

We have many clients who have migrated from their existing systems to Zayls. Other systems usually have some form of export features that can be used with our bulk import feature. For others who have more complex data, our Zayls representatives will be working closely with you to help you do data mapping and then import your existing data to Zayls.

I finished my free trial period, but I am not quite ready to sign up yet. What will happen to my data?

We would be more than happy to discuss your Zayls experience, and why you’re still unsure. As a policy, we retain your data for an additional 30 days after your free trial expires, unless you request to have them deleted. This 30-day window gives you time to weigh-in and assess Zayls’ system suitability for your business.

How do request for customization and enhancement?

When you sign up, a Zayls representative will be assigned to assist you with your system requirements and possible customization requests. You can also report any issues or concerns to your assigned representative. We always look forward to building collaborative relationships with our clients.

I love the system but I prefer to run it offline, will it be possible?

We want to understand that some companies have specific needs such as on-premise systems, so please contact your Zayls representative to discuss this option. We will help you come up with a workable arrangement based on your business requirements.

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