The Difference Between a Customer and Supplier | Zayls

by Zayls
5 years ago

The Difference Between a Customer and Supplier

Types of Customers

External Customers – These are entities outside the organization that buy the product your company sells.

Internal Customers – These are entities inside your organization; A prime example would be the employees under your company’s payroll, who buy the same product you sell for personal consumptions.

Types of Suppliers

Manufacturers and Vendors – These are entities who research and develop products that are ready to be purchased and used.

Wholesalers – These are entities who buy a huge number of items and distribute them to smaller entities.

Importers and exporters – These are entities who buy raw materials or products from another country that may not be locally produced or that cost cheaper than the products locally manufactured.

Distributors – These are entities who serve as the middleman between the manufacturer/wholesaler and the retailer. These entities oversee the logistics of the products.