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Batch Recall Report

Batch Recall report contains detailed records of the products with batch numbers. This allows the user to determine whether a product batch transaction is received from a Supplier via a Receive Order (RO #), or sent to a Customer via a Delivery (DR #). This report is essential to track the movement of the products due to their expiration.


Batch Recall Report Overview

Report Filters

  • Transaction Date From – This filter will show transactions of products from the date selected.
  • Transaction Date To – This filter will show transactions of products up to the date selected.
  • Account – This filter will show all transactions from Account/s selected.
  • Product – This filter will show the product selected.
  • Batch # – This filter will show the batch number of the product selected.
  • Expiry Date – This filter will show the batch # of the product that has an expiry date that is indicated.
  • Supplier Recall or Customer Recall – This filter will show either a Receive Order transaction from a Supplier or a Delivery transaction to a Customer.

Product and Batch # fields are not optional.

Batch Recall Report Columns

  • Account – This column shows all Accounts (Supplier or Customer).
  • Contact Details – This column shows the contact details of the account.
  • Email Address – This column shows the email address of the account.
  • Transaction # – This column shows the transaction form (Receive Order for Supplier; Delivery for Customer).
  • Transaction Date – This column shows the date when the transaction occurred.
  • Product – This column shows all products and its SKU.
  • Batch # – This column shows the batch # of the product indicated.
  • Expiry Date – This column shows the expiry date of the batch # of the product indicated.
  • Quantity – This column shows the count of product items in the transaction.

Export Batch Recall Report to PDF or Excel

  1. In the Batch Recall Report, click Export. 
  2. There are two Export options: Export to PDF and Export to Excel. Click your desired format. 
  3. Upon clicking your desired formatthe file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
  4. You may also view the Export History by clicking View Export History.