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Customer Analysis Report

Customer Analysis report shows an overview of customer activity. This report shows the units sold and sales amount to a specific customer/s. It also shows the Credit Limit and Credit Utilization of a customer. Moreover, it can also give the company a summary of which customers usually have an overdue balance.

Customer Analysis Report Overview

BA 263 1

Report Filters

  • Date From – This filter will show the customer activity from the date selected.
  • Date To – This filter will show the customer activity until the date selected.
  • Payment Terms – This filter will show the customers that have used the payment terms selected.
  • Customer Group – This filter will show the customer activity of customers belonging to the group selected.
  • Customer – This filter will show the customer activity of customer/s selected.

Customer Analysis Report Columns

BA 263 2
  • Customer Group – This column shows the group where the customer belongs.
  • Customer – This column shows the customer involved in the transactions.
  • Payment Terms – This column shows the payment terms of the customer.
  • Units Sold – This column shows the number of units that were sold to the customer.
  • Sales Amount – This column shows the amount of sales that were made to the customer.
  • Credit Limit – This column shows the customer’s credit limit in purchases.
  • Credit Utilization – This column shows the percentage of the customers credit in the overall credit limit.

Credit Utilization = (Current Credit / Credit Limit) x 100%

  • # of Invoices Collected after Overdue – This column shows the number of invoices that were paid after the overdue.
  • Amount Paid after Overdue – This column shows the total amount paid from the invoice that was overdue.
  • Average Days of Delinquency – This column shows the average number of days that the customer has paid an overdue invoice. This starts the count the day after the invoice due until payment date.
  • Total Margin – This column shows the total profit margin per customer.

Export Customer Analysis Report to PDF or Excel

  1. In the Customer Analysis Report, click Export.
  2. There are two Export options: Export to PDF and Export to Excel. Click your desired format.
  3. Upon clicking your desired formatthe file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
  4. You may also view the Export History by clicking View Export History.