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by Zayls
3 years ago

Revise a Quotation

Revising a quotation is making a copy of your initial quotation, and making edits on the original form. This is done usually when quotations are lost, so the company lowers the selling price of the product. This is different from simply editing the form because revising saves the original form along with the newly revised form. The revision history of the quotation revision can be found on the form itself. Moreover, there is no limit to the revision of quotations.


Revising a Quotation:
  1. A Quotation must be approved first before making a revision.
  2. After approving the quotation, click Create Revision.

3. A dialog box will pop-up. Click Confirm to create revision or Cancel to cancel the revision action.


4. A new Quotation form is made having the information from the previous form. The user can make revisions on the items, prices and discounts.

5. Click Save & Approve or Save when done.


6. A new Quotation form has been created. The quotation form number is derived from the original form (format: original form number/R-revision number). The revision history can be found on the right side of the form.


7.  A revised form can also be revised again to create a new revision. In this case, a second revision is created from the first revision of the original quotation.