Why can’t I edit this record? | Zayls

by Zayls
3 years ago

Why can’t I edit this record?

A record may not be editable due to various reasons:

  1. User role prohibits editing
    • User accounts have specific user roles that limits their accessibility. Records cannot be editable for some users because their user roles do not allow them to modify the record. Some users may only be allowed to view and/or verify the record.

To read more on User Roles: User Roles

2. Record status
  • The status of a record can also affect its editability. For example, if records are already Finalized, then it can no longer be modified.


3. The record has a child transaction.
  • This is applicable to records that are the basis of other records. If new records are made based from the information indicated from the parent record, then the parent record is no longer editable. For example, a Sales Order cannot be edited anymore if there’s a DR, SR, Invoice. etc.


4. Auto Archive age has lapsed.
  • The Auto Archive Age can be found in Company Settings. The Auto Archive Age determines the number of days that a record can still be edited. If the number of days from the last update of the record exceeds the Auto Archive Age, then regular users can no longer edit; however, admins still can.
com set

In this example, records can no longer be edited by regular users after 7 days from the last update.