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by Zayls
3 years ago

Create or Edit a Purchase Requisition

Create a Purchase Requisition:

1. In the Purchase Requisition Overview, click New Purchase Requisition.

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2. In the New Purchase Requisition window, enter the Supplier and Location first. The Target Delivery Date and Reference fields are optional.

3. Under the Item section, you may enter the Item you wish to order. Then, there are three types of Item quantity: Requested Quantity, Order Quantity, and Transfer Quantity.

  1. Requested Quantity

    This is the quantity of the item that you wish to order. In a Purchase Requisition Form, this is the most essential and cannot be left blank.

  2. Order Quantity

    This is the quantity that the company has ordered after receiving the Purchase Requisition request from an internal employee. This may vary from the Requested Quantity since the company may order a different quantity from what was initially requested. This is already an optional field used only for recording purposes.

  3. Transfer Quantity

    This is the quantity of the product that the supplier has sent to the company after issuing an order. This may vary from the Order Quantity since the supplier may send out a different quantity than what was indicated. Similar to Order Quantity, this is also an optional field used only for recording purposes.


The Order Quantity and Transfer Quantity can be recorded after making the Purchase Requisition request. Thus, they are optional when creating, unlike the Requested Quantity.

Some fields may not be available for certain roles. For example, PRQ approver can only edit the Order Quantity and Transfer Quantity. 

3. Once done, Click the Save and Approve button or the Save button.

  • Save and Approve will save the transaction and approve the PRQ. The status of the PRQ will change from Pending to Approved.
  • Save will only save the transaction and the transaction will have a Pending status until approved.

A successful message will appear at the top-right hand corner and you’ll be able to see the newly created Purchase Requisition.


Edit a Purchase Requisition:

1. Click the Purchase Requisition that you want to edit.

2. Click Edit.

3. Enter the new details and then click Save located at the bottom. A message will appear if the purchase requisition is saved successfully.


Add Comments to a Purchase Requisition:

The comment feature allows you to leave important messages to keep everyone informed.

1. In the Purchase Requisition record, scroll down to view the Comments section.

2. Enter your message in the Comment box.

3. You may also add attachments such as photos or files. Click Add attachment below the Comment box. A Dialog box asking the location of the file will appear. Click the file you want to upload and then click Open.

4. Once finished, click Post. A successful message will appear, and the new message will display on top of the conversation.


Edit or Delete a Comment: 

1. Find the comment you want to edit or delete.

2. Click   Pic.

3. To update the comment, click Edit. To delete the comment, click Delete.


Only accounts with admin account type can delete comments made by other regular users.