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by Zayls
3 years ago

Annual Sales Summary Report

Annual Sales Summary gives the annual sales overview of the company. This report details the total sales (VAT exclusive), total returns, and net sales for each month of the selected year. Additionally, the user can also select certain months of the year if they wish to generate a report only on a specific timeframe.

Annual Sales Summary Report Overview


Report Filters

  • Year — This filter will show all sales transacted within the year selected.
  • Month From – This filter will show all sales transacted from the month selected.
  • Month To – This filter will show all sales transacted until the month selected.

Annual Sales Summary Report Columns

  • Month —  This column shows the months within the selected range.
  • Sales — This column shows the total sales amount for the specific month.
  • Returned —  This column shows the total returned amount for the specific month.
  • Net — This column shows the net sales for the specific month.

Sales – Returned =  Net

Annual Sales Summary Report to PDF or Excel

  1. In the Annual Sales Summary Report, click Export. 
  2. There are two Export options: Export to PDF and Export to Excel. Click your desired format. 
  3. Upon clicking your desired formatthe file will be automatically downloaded to your computer. 
  4. You may also view the Export History of the report.