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Batch Tracked Inventory History Report

Batch Tracked Inventory History report contains detailed records of the products with their SKU, batch #, expiry date, location, on hand, inventory cost per unit, and total inventory cost. The primary purpose of this report is to give a historical and current inventory status of products that has a stock type of batch tracked with and without expiry date inventory items.

Batch Tracked Inventory History Report Overview

batch tracked inv history

Report Filters

  • As Of Date – This filter will show all products and current on-hand quantities from the date selected.
  • Expiry Date From – This filter will show all products from the selected expiry date.
  • Expiry Date To – This filter will show all products up to the expiry date selected.
  • Batch # –This filter will show all records with the selected batch #.
  • Category – This filter will show all products of the category selected.
  • Product – This filter will show all product variants of the product selected.
  • Product Variant – This filer will show all selected product variants of a product.
  • Brand – This filter will show all products of the brand selected.
  • Location– This filter will show all product inventory in the location/s selected.
  • Type –This filter will segregate batch tracked inventory (All, batch tracked with expiry, batch tracked without expiry).

The Include disabled products button allows you to show previously disabled products.


Batch Tracked Inventory Report Columns

  • Product – This column shows all products and their SKU.
  • Batch # – This column shows the batch # of the inventory.
  • Expiry Date – This column shows the expiry dates of products with the stock type batch tracked with expiry.
  • Location– This column shows the location where the product is currently located.
  • On Hand – This column shows the As Of Date on-hand quantity, Inventory.
  • Inventory Cost per Unit– This column shows the total cost per unit (Total Inventory Cost divided by On Hand Quantity).
  • Total Inventory Cost – This column shows the total inventory cost for all the products in that specified batch, expiry, and location.

Total Inventory Cost and Inventory Cost per unit is VAT Exclusive.

Export Batch Tracked Inventory Report to PDF and Excel

  1. In the Batch Tracked Inventory Report, click Export. 
  2. There are two Export options: Export to PDF and Export to Excel. Click your desired format. 
  3. Upon clicking your desired formatthe file will be automatically downloaded to your computer. 
  4. You may also view the Export History of the report.

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