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Statement of Account

Statement of Account is a detailed report of a customer’s outstanding balance within a specific date range. This report shows a line-by-line computation of invoices deducted by collections and sales returns.

Statement of Account Report Overview

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Report Filters

  • Customer – This filter will show the outstanding balance of the selected customer.
  • From – This filter will show a customer’s outstanding balance from the date selected.
  • To – This filter will show a customer’s outstanding balance up to the date selected.

Statement of Account Report Columns

soa 1
  • Date – This column shows the dates the accounts receivable were made.
  • Customer – This column shows the customer involved in the account receivable.
  • Description – This column shows the transaction involved in the account receivable and the description of its returns/additions/deductions (if any).
  • Payment Terms — This column shows the payment terms of the transaction.
  • Reference Number — This column shows the reference number of the transaction.
  • Debit – This column shows the debit amounts.
  • Credit – This column shows the credit amounts.
  • Balance – This column shows the outstanding balances of a customer.

A debit amount means there is an increase in assets and a decrease in liability. Meanwhile, a credit amount means there is an increase in liability and a decrease in assets.

Print or Export Statement of Account to PDF 

  1. In the Statement of Account, click Print
  2. A new tab with the PDF file will open. Select the Print icon to print the files or the Download icon to download the file.

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