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by Zayls
5 years ago

Company Settings

Company Settings is where you can input your company details that will appear in your printed Zayls documents as well as the place to set up the logo and description that will appear in the login page. 

Edit Company Settings:
  1. In the Company Settings window, click Edit. 
  1. Upload your Company Logo and enter your Company NameCompany AddressCompany Contact Details, Company TIN and preferred Auto Archive Age. Once you’re done, click Save to update your company details. 

Auto Archive Age is the number of days that regular users have access to editing a certain form. Once the set archive age has lapsed, regular users no longer have the ability to edit forms.

View Company Settings’ Activity Log:
  1. In the Company Settings window, click More. 
  2. Click View Activity Log.  
  1. The system will redirect you to the company settings’ Activity Log record. 

The Activity Log will show the user:

  • The Date & Time the activity occurred
  • The Action (Created, Updated, Deleted, Enabled, Disabled)
  • The User who made the activity
  1. To see the updated details, click View Changes. The system will redirect you to a page showing the removed and/or added details of that record. 

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