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Users Overview

The Users module is an administrator access that lets the admin create and manage all the users in the system. A user is an individual assigned by the administrator who will utilize the system. A user’s role can also be assigned in this module.

Create a New User: 
  1. In the Users Overview, click New User.

2. In the New User window, enter the new user’s First Name, Last Name, Username, PasswordRepeat PasswordGender, Email, Account Type. If you choose Regular User in the Account Typechoose a User Role. 


3. If the Account Type is Regular User, you can limit the location access by using the toggle and select the assigned locations.


The fields below Show more such as Profile Picture, Birthday, and Contact Number are optional.  

show more new user create

4. Once you are done, click Save to save the new user or Cancel to terminate the form. A successful message will appear at the top-right hand corner of the screen, if the user is created successfully. 

You can filter records in two ways: 

  • Search by name 
  • Using Filters 
Search by name:  
  1. Go to Search by name box at the top of the Users list. 
  2. In the Search by name box, type the name of the user you are searching for. The list will load the moment you stop typing. 
Using Filters: 
  1. Click Filters beside the Search by name box.  
  2. The records can be filtered by Role, user’s Status (Enabled, Disabled, All), and Account Type (Admin, Regular User). 
Export Users to PDF and Excel:
  1. In the Users Overview, click Export. 
  2. There are two Export options: Export to PDF and Export to Excel. Click your desired format. 
  3. Upon clicking your desired formatthe file will be automatically downloaded to your computer. 
View Login Logs: 

The Login Logs are very useful for checking or conducting an investigation for it generates the time, date, user’s IP Address, the Browser and OS used by the user when they log in. 

  1. In the Users Overview, click Login Logs. 

2. In the Login Logs Overview, the records can be filtered by Date From, Date To, and User 

Impersonate a User: 

Impersonate is an extremely impressive function to check out because you can see or test the user account’s access in the system.

  1. Click the User you want to impersonate.
  2. Click Impersonate. 
  3. You will be redirected to the user account you impersonated.  
Exit Impersonation:  
  1. In the User Account window, click the user’s Name found at the top-right corner. 
  2. Click Exit Impersonation. 
  3. You will be redirected to your own user account again.  

Only the super admin can impersonate other user accounts.

Edit a User:  

Zayls allows you to edit user details to keep the system updated.  

  1. Select an existing User you want to edit. 
  2. Click Edit. 
  3. Edit the desired details you want to update and once you are done, click Save to save the changes or Cancel to retain the original details. A message will appear if the user is updated successfully.  
Change Password: 
  1. Select an existing User that you want the password to be changed. 
  2. Click Screenshot 9 e1655437899115. 
  3. Click Change Password.   

Only the super admin and account owner can change the password.

Disable a User: 
  1. Select an existing User that you want to disable. 
  2. Click Screenshot 9 e1655437899115. 
  3. Click Disable.   

4. A message and the user status will change if the user is disabled successfully.  

A disabled user cannot login to the system.

Enable a User: 

This function allows you to enable a disabled user back into the system.

  1. Select the disabled User.
  2. Click Screenshot 9 e1655437899115. 
  3. Click Enable.   

4. A message and the user status will change if the user is enabled successfully.  

Why Delete a User? 
  • It is erroneously created
  • It is never used
  • To stop it from appearing in the search filters
Delete a User: 
  1. Select an existing User that you want to delete. 
  2. Click Screenshot 9 e1655437899115 
  3. Click Delete. 

4. A Delete confirmation dialog will appear. Click Delete to certainly remove the existing user record or click Cancel to terminate your action. 


5. A message will appear if the User is deleted successfully.  

View User Activity Log:  

Why view a user’s activity log? 

  • To know who created the user; 
  • To know who updated the user; and 
  • To know what changes are made. 

To view a User’s Activity Log: 

  1. Select an existing User that you want to view the activity log. 
  2. Click Screenshot 9 e1655437899115. 
  3. Click View Activity Log 

4. The system will redirect you to the Activity Log: User window.  

5. The Activity Log will show the following to the admin: 

  • The Date & Time the activity occurred; 
  • The Action (Created, Updated, Deleted, Enabled, Disabled); and 
  • The User who made the activity.

6. To see changes, click View Changes. 

7. In the View Changes: User window, you will see all the added and removed details on that user.  


Only admin account types can access Users 

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