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6 years ago

Transaction Rules of Purchase Order

The main purpose of the designed transaction rules in Zayls is to safeguard the general flow of transactions and the integrity of data.

On this page, we will be discussing all transaction rules accordingly.

Creating a PO – Regular Users

When a regular user creates a Purchase Order and Purchase Orders – Approve access is not given to the user, then all Purchase Orders will be saved as Pending.

If the Purchase Order is unapproved (Pending or Voided):

  1. The system will not allow the user to proceed with the Receive Order, Purchase Return, Bills, and Payments.
  2. The PO must be approved first before other transactions could push through.
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Higher roles can only approve and disapprove Purchase Orders when there are no subsequent transactions connected to the PO.

To know more about User Roles, click here.

Editing a PO – Regular Users & Admin

Pending PO

If the PO is still pending, the regular user can still edit and:

  • Change the Supplier
  • Add or update a Reference #
  • Update PO and Delivery Date
  • Change Location
  • Change Payment Terms
  • Add more items in the PO
  • Update item quantity and unit cost
  • Add or update remarks

Editing a PO with Received Order

You can still edit the PO. However, you cannot edit an item’s quantity that is less than the item quantities you have already received. Otherwise, you will get an error and the Purchase Order will not be saved.



PO – Item1 – 10 pieces

You can still edit and add more items and quantities.


PO – Item1 – 10 pieces

RO – Item1 – 5 pieces

In this event, when you have already received 5 pieces of Item1, you can only apply equal to or greater than 5 pieces when editing the item quantity in the Purchase Order.

If you really need to add more items and update item quantities, void or delete transactions connected to the PO, have your manager disapprove the PO and that will allow back the full edit capabilities.

Voiding a Purchase Order

Voiding is only allowed in two conditions:

1. The PO is pending/approved, and no transactions are made subsequent to the PO

2. All transactions connected to the PO are either voided/deleted

Deletion is only allowed when the PO is pending.