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by Angelica San Juan
2 years ago

Zayls Transactions and Reports

Part 4 of 6: Tracking your purchase orders

Part 5 of 6: Handling your sales orders

  • Encode sales orders

    Process sales orders made by customers and monitor the status of it. You can check the record of sales orders based on different filters such as order date, target delivery date, customer, locations, and statuses.

  • Ship out orders to clients

    Manage your product deliveries to clients, which can be done partially or in full. You can also assign a truck per delivery for better scheduling and capacity tracking.

  • Process sales orders

    Create invoices for customer sales orders, whether they are delivered or due for delivery.

    Record collected payments made by customers. You can adjust collections accordingly by including additions, deductions, and sales returns.

    Create sales returns for proper documentation and tracking of customer returns. It can be for damaged items, quality issues, or a change of mind.

    Process a sales refund for your customers’ reported sales return.

Part 6 of 6: Monitoring your performance and activity progress

  • Monitor your activities using the dashboard

    Monitor your business’ progress through the Zayls Dashboard. Get a bird’s eye view of your purchasing, sales, and inventory performances.

  • Assess your reports

    Evaluate reports to make sound business decisions by analyzing sales, inventory, purchasing, order fulfillment, account settlement, and customer/supplier relationship.