Zayls Setup | Zayls

by Angelica San Juan
2 years ago

Zayls Setup

Congratulations on starting your Zayls journey!

Let’s help you get started with Zayls by setting up the necessary details you need when operating the system.

Part 1 of 6: Configuring your settings

  • Setting up your company information

    Indicate your company’s details such as company name, description, contact details, logo, and other details. These will automatically appear in your document printouts.

  • Managing your users and their roles

    Create users to segregate responsibilities when accessing Zayls.

    Establish user roles to control functionalities and safeguard confidential data in the system. Define user roles to regulate what actions users can perform and to restrict access to confidential data in the system.

  • Configure your settings based on how you operate

    Set up variables such as locations, brands, categories, units of measurement, payment terms, payment modes, adjustment types, reasons for returns, and other configurations of transactions.

Part 2 of 6: Setting up your supplier and customer accounts

Part 3 of 6: Managing your Inventory

  • Store product details

    Encode products and set details such as stock types, if the product is for buying or selling, brands, product categories, units of measurement, variant attributes, prices, and other properties. You may also upload and assign images to each of your SKUs.

    Upload product details in bulk by using the import feature.

  • Add your beginning inventory in Zayls

    Ensure you have stocks available in Zayls to use in your transactions. You can also adjust your stocks using Stock Adjustment in case of damaged or missing inventory at your physical locations.

    You may bulk encode stock adjustments through the import feature.

  • Handling your stocks

    Transfer products from one location to another.

    Check the discrepancy between your Zayls system inventory and your actual inventory count in different locations.