Zayls Setup | Zayls

by Angelica San Juan
1 year ago

Zayls Setup

Congratulations on starting your Zayls journey!

Let’s help you get started with Zayls by setting up the necessary details you need when operating the system.

Part 1 of 6: Configuring your settings

  • Setting up your company information

    Define your company details which will appear in your print-out Zayls documents. Set up as well the description and logo to appear on the log-in page.

  • Managing your users and their roles

    Create users as needed to segregate responsibilities when accessing Zayls.

    Regulate access for users when using Zayls to avoid overlapping functions. Make user experience easier by simplifying what they can only operate with.

  • Configure your settings based on how you operate

    Set up variables such as brands, categories, adjustment types, reasons for returns, locations, payment terms, etc. to be used in your transactions.

Part 2 of 6: Setting up your supplier and customer accounts

  • Adding your suppliers and customer accounts

    Add your suppliers and customers into Zayls which you can tag to your transactions for more precise reports. You can also assign your agreed payment terms and credit limit with customers and suppliers.

    Encode in bulk your suppliers and customers’ information through the import feature.

Part 3 of 6: Managing your Inventory

  • Store product details

    Encode products by defining stock type, indicate if product is for buying or selling, product category, measurements and variants into Zayls.

    Input in bulk your product details by using the import feature.

  • Add your beginning inventory in Zayls

    Make sure you have stocks for your products in Zayls so that you can start moving or using them in your operations. You can also adjust stocks in case you have damaged or missing inventory at your physical locations.

    Use the import feature to simplify encoding your stock count.

  • Handling your stocks

    Move your products from your main storage to different locations.

    Check the discrepancy between your Zayls system inventory and your actual inventory count in different locations.